JAN 8, 2021



Much of what we’ve published in the past still holds true. This has been, and will continue to be very odd times for us all but we are prepared and are actively working to support our staff and offer you all quality sourced and skillfully cooked food!

Currently The Table has Gone Italian.

It’s fun, comforting, travels well and I’ve always loved cooking Italian. My wife is always trying to talk me into it being “the next restaurant”. 

Our plan through March is to offer Carry Out and Delivery which are available through tock or if you prefer to give us a call during operating hours or stop by. There is plenty of wine to choose from also. After that we hope to be at 50% or more for “dine in” service, and will resume where we left off or make another round of decisions. 

Thank you again to all have been supporting The Table this past year with your dollars and gracious words to myself and our staff. And if you’re just coming by The Table for the first time, give it a try! Its delicious. 



Be consistent, be calm.

We would love to see you but until then be well,


Chef Derek Bray