March 31,2021


Greetings All,




Great news and happy spring, as of this morning The Table staff have all received their first dose of vaccine This means a lot to us. The overall well being and care of our staff has been heavy on my heart this entire year, and as much as we love seeing and serving everyone we’ll be safer and more comfortable at work once we reopen.

The complexity of reopening multiple times this past year has given me a greater patience and outlook, with that we’re going to reopen once our staff has all had their second doses. I hope you all agree that another week is of no great consequence now. We will be opening for “normal” service April 22nd, reservations are available now.

We’re setting up some fair-weather dining to accommodate walk ins and  general outdoorsy folk! Lastly we’re happy to announce our application is in for liquor and cocktail creation is working! 



 We’ll see you soon, 



Chef Derek Bray